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Policy Analysis, Advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation

Professor Andy Miah, Chair in Science Communication & Future Media at the School of Environment & Life Sciences, presented a strategic approach to social media and other web-based tools in research promotion and development. Video from the event is now available online. 

Transparency and Open Government

More transparency, better monitoring of public procurement processes and improved legal framework are necessary for improvement of the public procurement system in BiH - it was concluded at the Round table held today in Sarajevo to mark the end of the EU funded project “Open Public Procurement in BiH”. 

Judiciary and Access to Justice, Human Rights
Second annual conference of the Coalition “Equality for All” entitled Fight against discrimination: Do we have adequate mechanisms? was organized by Center for Social Research Analitika and its coalition partners aiming to contribute to understanding of key concepts and activities as well as challenges of establishing efficient antidiscrimination system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Transparency and Open Government

Expert debate Importance and purpose of public procurement monitoring in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized by Center for Social Research Analitika was held on 30th of May 2016 in Mostar. Topic of this expert debate was importance, ways of implementation and effect of monitoring public procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Focus will be on discussion about range of aspects of monitoring public procurement in BiH and role that stakeholders from government and CSO's play in it.

Media and Democratization

“Public service media in the region of Western Balkans share similar problems. The biggest problem are continuous and systemic political pressures evident in the way management is elected, in the modes of media funding and the program content”, researchers in seven countries of the region established. The researchers are gathered around the research project jointly led by the Center for Social Research Analitika (Sarajevo) and Department of Communication and Media Research at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Human Rights

Strategic litigation in some parts of the region has proven to be a successful tool against discrimination. In Bosnia and Herzegovina strategic litigation is still mostly present in expert debates, while there are only a few examples of its practical implementation. 

Transparency and Open Government
Public procurement in many countries are used as a tool for improving efficiency of the process of products and services procurement as well as a tool for making cost savings in the public sector. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, e-procurement system was established late 2014, but it is still in the early stage of development. On the e-procurement portal in BiH e-announcements about public procurements are available but there is still no conditions to develop further options of the e-procurement portal.
These were some of the outputs of the expert debate entitled “E-Procurement in the service of efficient public procurement system in BiH” organized by Center for Social Research Analitika on 28th  of April 2016 in Tuzla. 
Transparency and Open Government

Results of the cooperation with the institutions regarding the strengthening of openness and proactive transparency were presented by TI BiH and the Coalition of NGOs at the conference „Partnership for the Open Government in BiH“ on 18th April 2016. in Sarajevo.

Policy Analysis

Eight-day RRPP Research Academy came to its end on Monday, 18th of April in Sarajevo. 35 young researchers from six West Balkans countries were gaining knowledge and news skills in the field of research methods. Thirteen trainers with international experience through eight modules delivered knowledge on the most relevant aspects of research methods in social science.



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