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Public Administration

The Public Administration Reform Program is aimed at improving the efficiency, transparency and accountability of public administration(s), as well as at fostering citizen engagement in decision-making processes, in line with the notions of good governance.

Public administration reform is crucial as it represents a European Partnership requirement. Despite reform efforts, research shows that still there is a lack of coordination between different government levels, as well as a lack of clarity regarding local government responsibilities, and citizens lack information on government performance, so there is a little trust in local authorities. Our programs are focused on policy research and advocacy of policy options that aim to reach the following objectives: (a) meaningful citizen engagement in decision-making processes; (b) transparency of public bodies’ roles and obligations and the transparency of their performance; (c) performance management as a precondition for information about public bodies’ obligations and the efficiency of their performance (d) professionalization and de-politicization of the civil service.