Dženana Hrlović


Project management, including project finance management and monitoring

Research methodology and quantitative and qualitative research techniques

Education of gifted children


Dženana Hrlović works as a Local Coordinator of the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds an MA degree in Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Sarajevo, where she also completed her BA degree.

She was employed at Analitika at the beginning of 2011 as a research assistant, where she was engaged in the implementation of number of qualitative and quantitative research projects, including preparation and writing final research analysis and reports, as well as the project coordination.

From 2001, she worked as a journalist for a number of media outlets in BiH, and was engaged in two projects aimed at supporting gifted children. One was implemented by NGO Eureka, and the other by SOS Kinderdorf in cooperation with UNICEF/Ibhi and the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo. She was an intern at “ProMENTE social research”, where she worked on a research project on psychosocial consequences of the war in BiH. Her research experience to date also includes two academic research papers in the field of psychology, presented at the 1st Congress of psychologist of Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participation held in Sarajevo, and 19th Ramiro and Zoran Bujas’ Days, International Scientific Psychology Conference in Zagreb, of which one was published in the congress proceedings.

Work Experience

Operations Coordinator, Analitika - Center for Social Research (2015)

Finance and Administration Officer, Analitika – Center for Social Research (2013-2015)

Research Assistant, Analitika – Center for Social Research (2011-2013)

Associate Journalist, Oxygen doo (2010-2016)

Market Research, Oxygen doo (2010)

Educational Assistant, SOS Kinderdorf International in cooperation with UNICEF/Ibhi i Općinom Novi Grad Sarajevo (2010)

Educator, Expert Coordinator for the broader domains, and Technical Coordinator, NGO Eureka (2008-2009)

Journalist/Editor, several media in BiH (2001-2009)


MA (2016), master of psychology, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Bosnia and Herzegovina

BA (2008), bachelor of psychology, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Bosnia and Herzegovina