Proactive Transparency in Bosnia and Herzegovina: From Principles to Practice

This study provides an overview of proactive disclosure practices of public institutions in BiH, and identifies the key factors that impact the development of proactive transparency in BiH.

Themes: Transparency and Open GovernmentParticipatory Decision Making


Proactive disclosure of information held by public authorities, without waiting for specific requests of the citizens, is widely accepted standard in many countries in the world. The principles of proactive transparency is stipulated in a number of relevant international legal documents and initiatives and its implementation in practice is facilitated thanks to the development of new information and communication technologies and increased Internet access.

However, Bosnia and Herzegovina is lagging behind global trends in publishing information of public interest, since the laws on freedom of information in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not oblige public authorities to proactively publish information and do not contain opne data provision. Therefore, the legal framework regulating proactive transparency is completely outdated and no longer corresponds to the information and technological environment in which public authorities operate, and is in contrast with the practices and expectations of citizens when it comes to the principles of communication, scope, form and content on the accessible information about public institutions on internet.

As a result of inadequate public policies in this domain, proactive transparency of public institutions is very low, according to a survey presented in this report. On the other hand, the proactive disclosure of information on the website, in addition to relevant regulations, depends on a number of other factors, such as for example administrative culture, a willingness to undergo changes, support of the management, staff training, etc. This report contains a detailed analysis of key factors influencing the proactive disclosure of information of public institutions in BiH, as well as recommendations for improving policy and practice in the field of proactive transparency in BiH.

The report is available here

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