How To Approach Open Government Partnership Action Planning for BiH?

After September 24, 2014, when Bosnia and Herzegovina joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP) as its 65th member, the country is expected to develop an action plan that identifies priorities and activities in the area of transparent and accountable governance, citizen participation in decision-making processes, and the use of new technologies and innovation to increase the openness of government.

Themes: Participatory Decision MakingGovernance and Service DeliveryTransparency and Open GovernmentInstitutional Communication


This refers to a two-year activity plan that defines the priorities for the country with regard to key areas of the OGP, which binds members to meet the objectives set by the Open Government Declaration. Under the Partnership, the action plan should be made through a process of wide consultations between the governmet, civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders.

In accordance with the standards and principles of the Partnership, and taking into account other countries' experiences, this policy memo suggests that an action plan is prepared through the process of wide public consultations between representatives of civil society, private sector and academic community. 

This publication is a result of the project "Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe", financed by the European Union and Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The publication in English is available HERE.

The publication in local languages is available HERE.