Analysis of the E-procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Analysis of the E-procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is Analitika’s new publication written within the project “Open public procurement in BiH”. The main purpose of the paper is a systematic analysis of the current level of development of electronic public procurement in BiH.

Themes: Transparency and Open Government
Ivan Kutleša


Development of new technologies and growing access to the internet created conditions for transformation of the manner how public government functions. That resulted in implementation of electronic government (hereinafter: e-government), which is based on utilisation of information-communication technologies for better and more efficient provision of public services. Used in a wider sense, term e-government implies total reorganisation of management in public sector, in order to increase efficiency, transparency and citizen’s participation in decision-making, using advantages of information-communication technologies.

the objective of the analysis is to offer a detailed overview of the key aspects of e-procurement progress monitoring in the sector and define clear guidelines for improving the functionality of the e-procurement system in BiH.

Report “Analysis of the E-procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina” can be downloaded HERE.

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