Policies Based on Facts


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Before formulating new policies and laws, civil servants should be able to apply basic analytical approaches and methods necessary for understanding complex problems in areas to which public policies relate. This includes, inter alia, knowledge about methods and techniques of data collection, stakeholder analysis, and ways of defining public policy goals. In addition, when developing policy proposals, it is necessary to determine criteria and indicators for evaluation, such as financial, political, administrative and technological feasibility of public policies, and to define and evaluate options and instruments of the proposed public policies.

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This training is part of the project “Policies through Knowledge: Improving Policy-making Capacities and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina” which is implemented by the Center for Social Research Analitika and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael, in partnership with the Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is financed by MATRA programme within the Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnerships of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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