Policy Initiative: Development of Research Capacities in the Field of Public Policy

Evidence-based policy making and policy dialogue between decision-makers and different stakeholders are still underdeveloped in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the consequence of a number of contextual factors, such as: the elite-driven policy making; complex administrative structures; weak cooperation between government and civil society; weak research capacities at universities; still underdeveloped independent think tanks; weak standards in the field of policy research; and generally limited human resources for policy research and advocacy.

Given such an unfavorable context, this project aims to contribute to the development of policy research and advocacy capacities in BiH by creating a community of practice of policy researchers and research centers, and by supporting the professionalization of policy research field by promoting ethical and quality standards.

The project consist of several activities, such as organization of consultative meetings and debates with policy researcher and research centers; development of a web-platform for connecting the community of practice; promotion of ethical and quality standards in the field of policy research, and publishing a number of articles and other materials of relevance for developing policy research in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project duration: 8 months (01/10/14 - 30/05/15)

Project budget: 45.000,00 KM

Donor: Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina


Fond otvoreno društvo BiH


Tarik Jusić
Mirna Jusić
Emir Efendić